3 Reasons to Buy that House NOW!

This is a straight forward advice I can impart. Seize the opportunities today to buy a home to trade up, to acquire something (rental income or owner use) for lifestyle changes (i.,e. empty nest, first home, kids in college. The values for home ownership are long term, consistent growth, stable asset class and personal and lifestyle enrichment.

One more word to the wise, allocate money and meet with a lender today if you need to get a loan and pre-approval and prepare yourself  for year-end bargains and buys. All indicators point to a robust sales period at the end of the fourth quarter. For Sellers, there are savvy buyers in the market place now and until the end of the year. Early 2014 will see a slowing of sales and shift in the financial markets… and hope there are no other world catastrophes to upset our global market balances.

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