Selling High – Consider A Remodel

Some Professional Advice:

One of the keys to a very successful sale is to tap into your homes highest potential, beauty and value: That often means undertaking a remodel or partial remodel that you have likely thought (or dreamed) about and/or put off. Selling your house is as much an emotional decision as a business one and the investment in a remodel often can pay big dividends. The best remodels incidentally are those that make your home “just perfect” and now you may not want to leave or sell. Most importantly, however, move forward on  it now before you put it on the market and depending on your available cash, budget  or potential to secure a loan, read the following link from an article I think is full of knowledgeable, prudent advice. Pick one or two of the areas to concentrate on and improve. Seek the advice of a professional agent. Secure a good contractor and architect if needed and city permits if required and put your home in high value mode.

My top three:

  1. Make light and bright:  Put a fresh light coat of paint and if your budget can stand it, improve room flow hop over to this website. Wide open spaces that easily flow indoor and outdoor rather than nooks, crannies, hallways, passages and many separate rooms is the market choice today.
  2. Boost curb appeal: Paint, plant, trim add color, flowers, small details have big returns.
  3. Update/modernize kitchens, and older bathrooms, starting with the Master first: Big closets, separate dressing areas and hygiene is the rule today. The move to privacy and coming together in the middle with a two-door, common shower or dual access tub is a romantic, intimate meeting point and a start to a great morning or evening.

Enjoy and much success!

Click on the link below and let me hear your personal thoughts and challenges. I can share with you some personal and financially rewarding stories that might just be the inspiration and direction that will make a difference.

Pro advice about where to put your remodeling dollars for success in selling your home


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